20-21 MAY 2017


E-Commerce Platform Challenge
20-21 May 2017
3 Winners 
University of Cordilleras
University of Cordilleras,
Governor Pack Road,
Baguio City, Benguet
Grand Prize : P 50,000 and
another P 50,000 worth of
educational package for the winning school
2nd P 30,000 | 3rd P 20,000
Give us your innovative and distruptive ideas regarding
e-commerce and win a prize!
It's a 24-hour coding marathon starting May 20 at 8:00am until May 21 and expected to finish around 6:00pm


Free for all college students. The competition is open to all 3rd year to 5th year college students across the region.

Register to enter. Interested students must fill up registration form located below.

While slots last. U:HAC hackathon will accommodate 200 registered participants.

Team effort. Each group must consist of 2-5 individuals and must register their team name of the hackathon proper.

Terms & conditions. All participants must submit their signed waiver agreeing to the terms & conditions which will be emailed to all participants upon confirmation. Waiver should be submitted upon during day one of the hackathon. No waiver, No Hackathon.

Hack, hack, hack. The events will be a 2-day program where eligible participants will conceptualize, build,
hack, and present their solutions on their chosen category. All  participants should be present on May 20 between 8:00am to 9:00pm and teams are allowed to work OFFSITE after.  Then hack goes on at the Campus on May 21 from 7:00am until the Final Pitching. 

Start from scratch. Everyone starts coding at the same time. Coming into the competition with ideas on top
of previous projects is not allowed. Only concepts and mock ups built on open source frameworks that are
public and available for use to everyone is allowed.

Code Review. Winning teams are subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately
before winning.
  • Only a maximum of 20% for API, DLL or Web services can be used in your program. You can choose any of those.
  • Utilization of all APIs, DLLs and WEB SERVICES should be disclosed during submission, and providing documentation / license agreements is a plus.
  • Online repository (Github, Bitbucket, etc) is required

Own it. Teams have full ownership of everything they built and created during the hackathon. The team
may pursue funding with investors during or after the hackathon but for purpose of commercialization, the
organizer will have the right of first refusal to develop and deploy these solutions.

Pitch Perfect. Teams must demonstrate their works in a 5-minute preliminary presentation and 3 mins
Q&A. Slide decks or Powerpoint presentations are allowed but not necessary.

Battle Royale. The chosen top 10 teams must demonstrate their works for 8-minutes and 3 mins. Q&A. Full
‘product / project’ demonstration as much as possible.

Judges Decision. As like in any competition, deliberation will be made to confirm the results and after that
confirmation, Judges’ decision is final. 

NOTE : Please take into consideration the internet speed is not guaranteed, so be sure to download any preferred tools before bringing your computer to the event.


University of Cordilleras
Governor Pack Road, Baguio City, Benguet