Frequently asked questions

Here's some of the most frequently asked questions regarding U:HAC
  1. Is there an entrance the fee of the U:Hac?
    Participation in U:HAC is FREE. Food will also be served on the duration of the event.
  2. How many members can a U:Hac team have?
    Each team should be composed of a minimum of 2 team members to a maximum of 5 persons.
  3. Who will own the IP of the code that will be created?
    Any codes/designs/content created during the U:Hack will be owned by the creators. The tools, equipment or data sets supplied by the sponsor/s and/or partner companies, will belong to the sponsor/s and partner companies.
  4. Are we allowed to stay overnight?
    Yes, you can stay overnight for U:HACK. However you have to bring your own sleeping bag if you decide to stay.
  5. What are the things that we need to bring?
    Bring your own laptop / pc's / hardware materials needed to complete your project. You have to bring your own extension cord, toiletries, and water jug or cup,
  6. What programming languages are allowed?
    Any language including proprietary as long as it will be at your own expense
  7. What technologies/platform can we build?
    Mobile, Web, VR Hardware, IoT Projects and Hybrid
  8. Are we allowed to use API's and plugins?
    Yes. Only if it is 20% of project 80% should be fresh codes. UnionBank will provide their own API for digital banking solution project