Ultimate Pitching Competition

Marco Polo Manila, Ortigas, Pasig City
The U:HAC Ultimate Pitching Competition will be held at one of the renowned 5-star hotel in the Philippines.
₱150,000 Grand Cash Prize
A stunning ₱150,000 grand cash prize will be granted on to whoever will win the Pitching Competition.
April 28, 2017
The event will be on April 28, 2017 at Marco Polo Manila, Ortigas, Pasig City. 
Winning Team from Past U:HAC Events
Different winning teams from past U:HAC Events will battle out on who will be crowned as the U:HAC Ultimate Pitch Champions. 

About The Ultimate Pitching Competition?

The U:HAC Ultimate Pitching Competition will determine on who has the best program application for Unionbank that will be presented infront of the Board Members of the Bank.


A mobile recording of traffic violations with banking payment.

This app maintains the history of traffic violation records of a certain driver that has a account on the app while also recording the traffic enforcer info who arrested him/her. This app also provides digital banking for the driver that has been arrested. He/she can pay to Unionbank for his violation/s..
An Uber of Tutorials.

LaurelEye is an web-based platform where people can find other people willing to educate them in a vast array of topics from academic subjects to arts and crafts.

The app focuses on Real Estate and Cars.

The app can be deployed via major App stores (Apple App Store, Google Playstore). App also includes a VR walk-through of a Virtual Bank to familiarize customers of the different things you can do in a branch and also to promote the bank's ongoing promos or marketing campaigns. 


Dr. Justo A. Ortiz

Mr. Juan Antonio F. Barnad

Mr. Emmanuel T. Dooc

Mr. Jon Ramon M. Aboitiz

Mr. Sabin M. Aboitiz

Mr. Amado D. Valdez

Mr. Edwin R. Bautista

Mr. Luis Miguel O. Aboitiz

Mr. Carlos B. Raymond Jr.

Mr. Stephen G. Paradies

Ms. Nina Aguas

Mr. Reynato S. Puno

Mr. Erramon J. Aboitiz

Ms. Mona Lisa B. Dela Cruz

Dr. Francisco S.A. Sandejas

  1. Team Chibot
    Team Chibot
  2. Team Intern
    Team Intern
  3. Team LaurelEye
    Team LaurelEye
  4. Judges